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At Dog Life Academy, Our Vision Is Simple:

Dog Life Academy promotes wellness and contentment for your pet, your family, and our planet through a naturally nurturing approach to care, training, and  living.

Our Approach:

We see our engagement with you as a journey we take together. We partner with you in order to empower you to hone the skills required to achieve your goals for your dog and family. We are advocates of Positive Training techniques that focus on rewarding desirable behaviors, increasing confidence and happy cooperation, resulting in a behaviorally healthy pet. 

Pet Selection  

Our most proactive wellness service is education about pet selection.  Lets us get you off on the right track.  We will consider your needs and recommend a breed that would be appropriate for your lifestyle and family needs.  We can also assist in finding a reputable breeder and perform Temperament Testing.  If more potential dog owners would take this essential first step less dogs would end up in shelters and worse euthanized.

There are more than 150 breeds and countless shelter and rescue dogs to consider.  Please take the time to find the dog that is best suited to the needs of you and yourfamily!

Considerations for Dog Ownership

-Puppy or Adult Dog
-Activity level of family
-Large or Small
-Grooming Needs
-Apartment or House with yard
-Cost of Upkeep and care
-Potential Medical Problems
-Exercise Requirements
-Purebred or Mixed
-Small children?
-Training challenges for specific breeds       

What Is Temperament Testing?

When choosing a dog the temperament should be considered as carefully as possible. Temperament testing can be used effectively in young puppies as well as adult dogs.  Ascertaining a dog’s temperament enables you to predict a dog’s future behavior and tailor training programs accordingly.  Green Planet Pet Center employs a seven-step process to test temperaments.

Predictable behaviors include:

-Social Interest
-Noise sensitivity, reactivity
-Sensitivity to touch
-Predatory Instinct
-Naturally Cooperative
-Child Friendly

What is a Behaviorally Healthy Pet?

The definition of a Behaviorally Healthy Pet is more than the absence of behavior problems.  It is the presence of normal and acceptable pets’ conduct that enhances the human-animal bond and the pet’s quality of life.  

Qualities of healthy Behavior:

-Affectionate without being “needy”
-Are friendly and tolerant of people, including children and members of their own     species
-Enjoy and or tolerate normal everyday handling and interactions
-Eliminate only in acceptable areas
-Adapt to change with minimal problems
-Are not fearful of normal everyday events or new things
-Adapt to change with minimal problems
-Play well with others without becoming uncontrollable or rough
-Are not dangerous to the community
-Readily relinquish control of space, food, toys, and other objects
-Vocalize (Bark, Meow) when appropriate, but not to excess
-Dogs reliably respond when told to sit, down, come, and stay
-Cats scratch only items provided for this purpose

Integrating Dogs With Kids

Dog Life Academy is dedicated to give parents the tools they need to make sure that dog and kid interactions are safe, happy and mutually enriching for both the dog and child.

It is the role of the parent to create a balanced environment that facilitates mutual respect.

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